KIES2012 - Truiense op Wall Street Journal

Geschreven door Raf Vanmechelen op donderdag 11 oktober 2012 in rubriek Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2012

Fotograaf: IF
De Truiense kandidate Milka Malfait van Open VLD werd opgemerkt tot in de states. De billen van Malfait zijn ook de Amerikanen niet ontgaan.

Milka Malfait, 22, pulled out of the Miss Belgium pageant in 2009 to concentrate on her law studies. Now she is running for the free-market Open VLD party in Sint-Truiden, citing her beliefs in individual responsibility and support for Belgium's entrepreneurs.

For her campaign, she recreated the famous 1970s "tennis girl" poster, a cheeky British image, showing a player with an exposed backside.

"It caused a bit of a controversy; some people who don't know me say I'm more concerned with looks than intelligence," says Ms. Malfait, who hit the headlines after telling a local newspaper she would strip completely if she polled 1,000 votes or more. "That was a joke," she says.

However, the experience was a positive one overall because "after one day, I was famous," says Ms. Malfait, who is ranked 13th on her party's slate there.

"It's a very Belgian phenomenon," she says of the candidates' campaigns. "It doesn't happen in France or the Netherlands, but in Belgium everyone is laughing about politics."

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